Home Water Filter Comparison

home water filter comparison

    water filter
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Teignmouth Speed

Teignmouth Speed

I had one attempt at this exposure before a fisherman came and perched next to the marker. In fairness he did ask first, and although I'd have felt more comfortable being able to take a couple more to allow for light variances, cloud movement, etc, I think I was quite lucky how this one turned out. It's funny how sometimes a photograph comes together seemingly of it's own accord, yet on other occasions you can put all the effort in the world into an image and still walk away empty-handed.

Yesterday was a good example by comparison. I got up at 4.20am, having checked the tide times, weather report and photographer's ephemeris the night before. I had one or two shots in mind that seemed to suit the likely conditions and with those firmly planted headed off to Lyme Regis, finding myself standing on The Cobb about half an hour before sunrise - and for once without another photographer in prime position blocking my shot! Despite this, somehow everything seemed... wrong. There had been hints of a good smattering of promising looking cloud as I'd driven through the darkness, yet the approaching onslaught of dawn had banished it completely from the skies before me... I took a few shots half-heartedly as the light grew, thinking perhaps it was time to just head home given how bright the day seemed determined to become. Still, nothing ventured nothing gained - the rest of my day went like this:

Ask for sausage and egg baguette in cafe before leaving Lyme Regis. Realise wrong filling in baguette once back at car. Eat baguette anyway. Reluctantly admit cafe's choice had been pretty good.

Decide to try several other locations in the hope that a little cloud might provide some relief from the increasingly harsh conditions. Curse incorrect weather report.

Drive to Seatown. Make mental note of limited photographic possibilities for a different day.

Head on to Charmouth. Remember why I have never taken any photographs there before. Has anyone found anything to photograph in Charmouth?!

Continue onwards to West Bay. Wince as my sun visor comes down and I wonder just how many ND filters I can stack at the same time. Park at West Bay. Abandon camera and head off in search of food and water. Take photograph of large strawberry and cream flavour ice cream in waffle cone on my phone to tease my wife (toiling away at work), ruefully aware it may be my finest image of the day.

Watch as cloud starts to build inland. Wait nearly an hour as cumulus stubbornly refuses to head towards me. Race back in the direction of Colmer's Hill, a wonderful location I've tried to shoot several times previously and failed. Leave car in nearby Symondsbury, figuring it will be a good idea to trek to the top of the hill. I climb. I swear. I climb. I swear. I climb. I swear. I... oh, you get the idea.... Once at the summit, I discover picturesque though the surrounding scenery is, a good photograph it does not necessarily make. Spend several moments contemplating this green and pleasant land. Glimpse hints of cloud in the direction of West Bay.

Return to West Bay. Realise hints of cloud were just there to tease me and force my hand for more petrol money.

Give it all up as a bad job and start the return journey. Stop at shop and buy more food... and drink. I am far from fat. Despite my better judgement, somehow convince myself there are no bad conditions, only bad photographers - and embark on a detour to Sidmouth. Arrive at Sidmouth, cruise the length of the sea front in dismay trying not to knock down the milling throng of tourists who apparently forgot to go home after the school holidays.

Leave Sidmouth. Go home.

24-03-11 Welding glass, or experiments with a homemade10-stop filter.

24-03-11 Welding glass, or experiments with a homemade10-stop filter.

A month or so back I got a magazine that was suggesting that for a modest investment in welding glass, (?2.10 from ebay), you’ve got a decent imitation of a ten stop filter (currently retailing in my filter thread size between ?34-107). So I got myself on ebay, and bought some glass, then waited for a decent day, and went down to the rocky shoreline just past Greyhope bay in Aberdeen. The sea was pretty still, but at least it meant there was little spray, and wind.

Unwittingly the filter I’d bought, with a bit of manipulation would fit my cokin p filter holder. So I brushed off some dust specks, and set up for a 30 second exposure (with noise reduction/dark frame comparison performed in camera after the shot). Now I’m rocking the canon 350d which has a minute screen, I could tell the colours were flat, and the contrast was low. But the screen was too small to reveal much more. And I’m so technically inept that I don’t know how to access the menu that allows me to set the camera up with more contrast (it took me months to find the black frame comparison option).

Probably useful to detail the set-up?
350d, with a canon 17-85 IS
Manfrotto tripod + ball head. Don’t think the model numbers are really going to help, which is good because I don’t know them.
Lowepro rucksack (the recycled one), hung off the bottom of the tripod to try and steady it.

So I took a half dozen or so shots, and headed home. I did a colour correction in RAW converter, but even then the colours came out in pastel shades, whereas the light that day was strong, so colours were pretty vibrant. In the end I decided the best option was to do a conversion using calculations, red was the first, the second channel was changed to Blue.

And this is the result.

Lessons learned;
It works, it’s most certainly not perfect, but it works.
A bit of fine tuning could help me get a clearer exposure, i.e.
Polish the glass more, I’m not sure if the light flares were a result of dust, or a greasy mark on the glass that I’d had a quick go at removing, but didn’t try too hard.
Shielding the glass means less flare, but risks my hand straying into shot.
Turn off the IS on the lens. I’d left it on thinking that although I was using a tripod, given the wind the IS may still actually help. It didn’t.
A stormier day would give me less light, but means I don’t need a 30 second exposure to sufficiently smooth the water movement.

So, I’ll be heading back there again, hopefully a bit better prepared, but as a first attempt, I’m mildly satisfied.

home water filter comparison

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